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Up & Running Weekly #57

Weekly curated resources for DevOps & SRE professionals.


Kubectl exec: how it works

By Ivan Tim

5 minutes - We'll look into how the command works by examining the relevant code in kubectl, K8s API Server, Kubelet and the Container Runtime Interface (CRI) Docker API

The different benefits of micro front-ends

By Bob Myers

13 minutes - Micro front-end architectures decompose a front-end app into semi-independent "microapps" working loosely together, making large projects more manageable.

Desired vs. actual state in distributed systems

By Tim Downey

13 minutes - Eventual consistency in Kubernetes and the real world. An exploration of desired state versus actual state in distributed systems.

Real-world reports

Formatting a list of strings in Ansible

By Tiago Ilieve

3 minutes - My Kubernetes Ansible setup - which is, to this date, still the easiest way to bootstrap an on-premises Kubernetes cluster - has a task that installs the packages tied to a specific Kubernetes version.

Data migrations don’t have to come with downtime

By Sameer Suresh

8 minutes - At Nextdoor we invest heavily in Redis, a highly-performant in-memory datastore, to power many of our services by providing low latency access to data..

Manually loading container images with containerD

By Scott Lowe

3 minutes - I recently had a need to manually load some container images into a Linux system running containerd (instead of Docker) as the container runtime.

Kubernetes: why I moved to another network plugin

by Marcel Ryser

2 minutes - I noticed a disturbance while deploying applications to my cluster, as I was using PVC to provision volumes.

What led us to adopting the clean architecture pattern

by Stuart Dotson

7 minutes - This is a cautionary tale, but also a tale full of redemption; a tale that will re-invigorate your faith in software engineers and their ability to solve complex problems.

Deploying Debezium w/ the new KafkaConnector resource

by Tom Bentley

23 minutes - For too long our Kafka Connect story hasn’t been quite as "Kubernetes-native" as it could have been.

More real-world reports:


A bit of Istio before tea-time

By Alex Ellis

10 minutes - To say that service-mesh is a controversial area of cloud computing, would be an understatement, learn how deploying Istio doesn't mean needing 32GB of RAM.

K8s networking demystified: a brief guide

By Karen Bruner

8 minutes - We will present an introduction into the complexities of Kubernetes networking by following the journey of an HTTP request to a service running on a basic Kubernetes cluster.

Building Docker images, the performant way

By Georg Ledermann

8 minutes - Many of the Rails applications I build these days are deployed as Docker images. Unfortunately, building Docker images usually takes a long time. This article describes how the build process can be accelerated by a factor of 2-3.

ML pipelines: setting up on-premise Kubernetes

By Benjamin Tan Wei Hao

4 minutes - Benjamin Tan walks through how he sets up an on-premise machine learning pipeline with open-source tools and frameworks.

Do I need an API Gateway if I use a service mesh?

By Christian Posta

8 minutes - This post may not be able to break through the noise around API Gateways and Service Mesh. However, it’s 2020 and there is still abundant confusion around these topics.

When to go big with a Kubernetes cluster - Part 1

By Rick Richardson

8 minutes - Time to scale Kubernetes. Figure out business and technical planning to do it right. Three series blog post. Part 1: Justify it to your CIO.

More tutorials:


Dhall for Kubernetes

By Christine Dodrill

11 minutes - I needed a tool to help me manage Terraform as well as create Kubernetes manifests from a template, at scale.

Agola - One CI to run them all

By Sergey Nuzhdin

5 minutes -Getting started with Agola. Initial setup and integration with Github, Gitlab and Gitea.

Skaffold: k8s development made easier

By Gunter Rotsaert

6 minutes -Skaffold is a command line tool developed by Google which aims to facilitate continuous development for Kubernetes applications. It will automate the task of building and deploying to a Kubernetes cluster whereas you, as a developer, can stay focused on writing code.

Call + create HTTP APIs, while validating types

By André Praça

10 minutes - Smartly open-sources Oats (OpenApi-TypeScript): a library it uses to facilitate calling and creating HTTP APIs while validating types at compile-time and runtime.

More tooling:


Stop counting production incidents

By Rick Branson

8 minutes - There’s an unfortunate thing that inevitably follows the successful rollout of an incident management and post-mortem process within software engineering teams— someone will inevitably propose what seems like common sense.

Integrated systems for integrated programmers

By David Heinemeier Hansson

4 minutes - One of the great tragedies of modern web development over the last five years or so has been the irrational exuberance for microservices. The idea that making a single great web application had simply become too hard, but if we broke that app up into many smaller apps, it’d all be much easier. Turned out, surprise-surprise, that it mostly wasn’t.

How I prepared the Certified K8s Administrator exam

By Mehdi Yedes

8 minutes - Useful tips and learning resources for preparing and passing the Certified Kubernetes Administrator(CKA) exam


Best of 2019 in tech talks

By Cindy Sridharan

12 minutes - For the past few years, I’ve been publishing a list of my favorite tech talks from the previous year.

Sendil Kumar (Uber) - Easy microservices with K8s + Istio

Duration: 54 minutes

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