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Up & Running Weekly #56

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The 3 laws of serverless

6 minutes - Let’s look at the 3 properties that a technology must exhibit to be considered Serverless.

Asynchronous programming : a cautionary tale

This is part 4 in a series of posts about asynchronous programming.

What is event-driven microservice architecture?

3 minutes - When a service performs some piece of work that other services might be interested in, that service produces an event—a record of the completed action.

More basics:

Real-world reports

Lyft’s journey through mobile networking

9 minutes - In 5 years, the number of endpoints consumed by Lyft’s mobile apps grew to over 500, and the size of our mobile engineering team increased by more than 15x.

Engineering SQL support on Apache Pinot at Uber

13 minutes - We built a solution that linked Presto, a query engine that supports full ANSI SQL, and Pinot, a real-time online analytical processing datastore. This married solution allows users to write ad-hoc SQL queries, empowering teams to unlock significant analysis capabilities.

Reliably upgrading Apache Airflow at Slack’s scale

Apache Airflow is a tool for describing, executing, and monitoring workflows. At Slack, we use Airflow to orchestrate and manage our data warehouse workflows.

Pinterest's algorithms to optimize Kafka operations

Pinterest uses Kafka across the board for data movement. The Logging Platform team alone manages over 3,000 Kafka brokers transporting trillions of messages per day.

Streams and Monk – How Yelp is approaching Kafka

13 minutes - We launched our very first Kafka cluster at Yelp more than five years ago. It was not monitored, did not expose any metrics, and we definitely did not have anyone on call for it.

Production-ready Kappa to timely process data streams

10 minutes - We implemented a Kappa architecture at Uber to effectively backfill streaming data at scale, ensuring accurate data in our platform.

More real-world reports:


Kubernetes: testing of CSI drivers

8 minutes - When developing a Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver, it is useful to leverage as much prior work as possible. This includes source code (like the sample CSI hostpath driver) but also existing tests.

Merry microservices - Part 3: policy service

12 minutes - Managing application-specific authorization based on identity and permissions .

Active directory authentication for K8s clusters

8 minutes - You’ve stood up your Kubernetes (k8s) cluster and are really looking forward to all of your coworkers deploying containers on it. How will you get everyone logged in?

Navigating network services and policy with Helm

25 minutes - A tutorial that will take you from basic Helm concepts in an example deployment of a chart to modifying charts to fit your needs.

Build an automated recon pipeline w/ Python + Luigi

13 minutes. Welcome to part one of a multi-part series demonstrating how to build an automated pipeline for target reconnaissance.

Right-sizing Kafka clusters on Kubernetes · Banzai Cloud
Bringing cloud native to the enterprise, simplifying the transition to microservices on Kubernetes

More tutorials:


Docker Desktop release 2.2

3 minutes - Adding WSL 2 as a technical preview, a new file sharing implementation for Windows, and an integrated desktop dashboard.

Downsize a monorepo with sparse-checkout

9 minutes - Git 2.25.0 includes a new experimental git sparse-checkout command that makes the existing feature easier to use, along with some important performance benefits for large repositories.

Easily create insight in your Kubernetes resources

5 minutes - It can be quite handy to have a graphical insight in your environment to see what resources are deployed and what the state is of the resources.

My experience with Krew to manage kubectl plugins

2 minutes - Kubectl plugins are extremely useful to provide a set of friendly utilities to interact with kubernetes in your environment. Krew is a project that helps you managing the plugin lifecycle. I have to add profefe to it and this is what I learned.

KubeInvaders - Gamified K8s chaos engineering tool

3 minutes - A tool for Kubernetes and Openshift and helps test how resilient your Kubernetes cluster is, in a fun way. It is like space invaders but the aliens are PODs.

Chaos Mesh: chaos engineering for K8s system resilience

8 minutes - PingCAP open-sourced Chaos Mesh, a Chaos Engineering platform that features all-around fault injection methods for complex Kubernetes systems. Find out how this testing tool can make your applications more reliable.

More resources:


The 'No Code' delusion

9 minutes - Increasingly popular in the last couple of years, I think 2020 is going to be the year of "no code": the movement that say you can write business logic and even entire applications without having the training of a software developer.

Doing things that scale

3 minutes - I no longer want to invest time in things that don’t scale.

Developing in production

12 minutes - Here's why I think we've reached a tipping point where development and debugging in production can make sense.

Technical debt is like a Tetris game

Here is an analogy that can help you explain how bad in shape some code is, and that a refactoring is necessary to make it evolve.

How cognitive biases can sabotage your thinking

4 minutes - Most software engineers, architects, and developers consider themselves rational, data-driven decision makers. But what if, hidden in your subconscious thought processes, were cognitive biases.

More perspectives:


Managing failure modes in microservice architectures

About me and our project

I’m Denis, a Russian moved to the Netherlands to help building Jexia, a cloud hub providing a full-service serverless architecture.

With Jexia, a developer pays zero to eight euros per month to craft fully equipped applications. It would be awesome if you are able to test it yourself!

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