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Up & Running Weekly

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Micro frontends made easy

4 minutes - Splitting a complex web app in smaller projects and putting it together on a page with iframes. Iframes are not the only way to do it.

Microservices setup: hexagonal architecture

7 minutes - The first key concept of this architecture is to keep all the business models and logic in a single place, and the second concept — each hexagon should be independent.

5 patterns to make your microservice fault-tolerant

9 minutes - I’ll cover basic forms briefly, then discuss their flaws and how to overcome them.

More fundamentals:

Real-world reports

Plumbing at scale

8 minutes - This article details our journey building and deploying an event sourcing platform in Go, building a stream processing framework over it, and then scaling it (reliably and efficiently) to service over 300 billion events a week.

The ultimate load test

7 minutes - With tens of millions of members and billions of profiles viewed every day, Tinder already operates at scale.

My compiler writing journey

In this Github repository, I'm documenting my journey to write a self-compiling compiler for a subset of the C language.

K8s clusters architecture @ Riskified

5 minutes - Riskified is a growing startup. In the past two years we’ve doubled in size, with 450 employees — of which 60% are researchers and developers.

Monitoring performance: HAProxy to the rescue

5 minutes - How we at OkCupid have tried to regain some of our sanity by extracting our latency directly from HAProxy using Fluentd.

Intelligent DNS based load balancing at Dropbox

10 minutes - Our team is charged with innovating our application networking stack to improve the experience for every one of our users—over half a billion of them.

Creating greater reliability: CoreDNS-nodecache

5 minutes - Bugs particularly affect DNS in Kubernetes in its default configuration; we saw elevated rates of DNS timeouts that seemed to increase with load on our clusters.

Prometheus @ Prezi: replace 10 anti-pattern years

30 minutes - What happens when you combine 10 years of architectural organic build-up and a lack of common best practices around monitoring?

Improving database perf and solve common N+1 issues

8 minutes - The performance of our Rails application depends on many variables, and one of those variables is the number of queries executed for completing an action. The less the number of calls to the database, the less the memory allocations and subsequently less the duration to complete the operation.

More real-world reports:


Apache Kafka as primary data store

11 minutes - Event streaming platform as single source of truth for distributed platforms with Polyglot Persistent, Log-Based and Write Ahead Log architectures.

Streaming messages from RabbitMQ into Kafka

7 minutes - This was prompted by a question on StackOverflow to which I thought the answer would be straightforward, but turned out not to be so.

Integration tests with Node, Knex and Postgres

5 minutes - Before going into detail, let’s take a step back and re-explore why we need integration tests in the first place.

Istio as example of when not to do microservices

6 minutes - A microservices approach may be appropriate when the culmination of an application’s architecture has become a bottleneck for making changes and "going faster", but it’s not the only approach.

CI/CD process implemented in a pipeline as code file?

3 minutes - As more teams move to Pipeline as Code, there are some important questions to ask when deciding to merge a CI/CD process into a single PaC file.

More tutorials:


Tanka, Grafana's way of deploying to Kubernetes

5 minutes - YAML sucks! This blog explains why existing tools hardly ease this pain, and what we at Grafana Labs did about it with our new project, Tanka, that is now open-sourced.

Flyte: cloud native ML & data processing platform

5 minutes - Lyft open-sources Flyte, a structured programming and distributed processing platform for highly concurrent, scalable, and maintainable workflows.

Script-server: an open source tool you should know

6 minutes - Script-Server is a smart Web-UI (can also be run via command line) in which you can expose scripts/Ansible Playbooks in a user-friendly set-up.

HyScale open sources K8s app deployment tooling

7 minutes - HyScale uses a custom YAML format that employs existing Docker and Kubernetes APIs to build, deploy and expose an app as a service.


Serverless is problematic

6 minutes - Many have trumpeted the goodness of not having to worry about servers or even containers for microservices. But is this the entire story?

3factor app: fullstack architecture pattern
3factor app is an architecture pattern for modern fullstack apps. 3factor apps are fast to build and are highly scalable.

Podcast: WeTransfer's app testing process

30 minutes - Why WeTransfer uses unit tests, and not UI tests, what the company’s continuous integration set-up looks like, and how WeTransfer structures its release train.

Git rebase: don't be afraid of the force (push)

9 minutes - While contributing to a big OSS project it's quite useful to know how to do a Git rebase. This post will teach you what it is about and how to master it.

Lock-free observations for Prometheus histograms

9 minutes.


Talk write-up: how to build a PaaS for 1500 engineers

15 minutes - This article is based on a presentation I gave as part of AdevintaTalks in Barcelona.

System design: Tinder as a microservice architecture

Why I love K8s failure stories and you should too

About me and our serverless architecture

Up & Running Weekly is a mailing consisting of the finest blogs and tools curated for Infra & DevOps pros. I’m Denis, a Russian moved to the Netherlands to help building Jexia, a cloud hub providing a full-service serverless architecture. With Jexia, a developer pays zero to eight euros per month to craft fully equipped applications.
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